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Available audio engines:

Ovation comes in two flavors of audio engine. To meet budgets, technical requirements and personal tastes in hardware, sometimes a choice needs to be there to make, and we are never one to make someone’s mind up for them! The choice between unbelievable power and near zero-latency with that of instant portability and the most flexible I/O choices imaginable means you get exactly what you need. And no matter what the choice, your Ovation software and projects remain completely interchangeable, with NO differences at all in UI structure or training needs…

Ovation MassCore

Unbelievable power and near-zero latency, with a low cost way to re-invest in DSP upgrades as your system ages…

When you need heaps of power, near-zero latencies for live input management, and one of the largest mix engines available anywhere in the world, then you need Merging Technologies’ MassCore™ Audio Engine to deliver it .

Based on Intel computing technology, but without any of the latencies inherent to host-based systems, we deliver cutting edge power and flexibility at a substantially lower cost than that of FPGA and other proprietary based mix engine architectures.

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Ovation Native

Cheaper, with more I/O flexibility and dongle-based portability.. Ovation Native still has what it takes to run your next show.

For applications where cost is more of an issue, Ovation also comes in an ASIO based version, for use with any approved 3rd party interface. Combine the power of Ovation’s show building capabilities with the cost effectiveness of ASIO technology.

Sold as a dongle authorized system, this is the perfect laptop version as well. Configure and test shows on the way to the venue, or even run a show from your notebook! It’s your choice with Ovation Native.

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